Palm Court is a small version on Pavilion, however is coloured in a totally different style.


Inspired by holidays to Sri Lanka and Thailand, how the tropical foliage glistens after a downpour with a myriad of colour.


Patina the oxidation over time on certain metals like bronze especially when left to the elements, referred to as Verdigris or Rust. Wooden furniture, leather even fabrics that has aged Patina enriches their surface. It is now preferable that the Patina be left on objects this increases their value. This was the inspiration for my design having my aunties old copper kettle covered in a beautiful green Patina.


For many years I kept tropical fish very relaxing to sit and watch, however getting the conditions just right and maintaining them for the fish was another matter. The variety and colouration of fish always found amazing. I do have to say I never found Angel Fish one bit Angelic….


This was design was inspired from a weekend brake to the champagne region of France, I was mesmerised by the variety and intensity of the colours of the ripening fruit.


In a lodge hotel in the Amazon Rainforest They kept 10 rescued Macaws, they looked incredible and were the inspiration behind this design.


An stunning herbaceous border in full flower at Arley Hall in Cheshire simply had to be captured in a painted artwork.


A beautiful summers afternoon spent in a friends rose garden in Croft Cheshire were the inspiration here, this design captures the essence of that afternoon perfectly.


Inspired by a large vase of Peonies seen in a soft evening light.


This design is reminiscent of painted rendering on a derelict wall exposed for years to the elements.


The textures of a tree trunk caught in a bright ray of sunshine were the inspiration behind this beauty.


Looking at a rich floral garden through a bottle bottom glass door would describe how this design came to fruition.


The view through a window in a heavy rainfall with the water running down distorting the view.


This work was inspired by the style of the French artist Odilon Redon


Rusting panels in a small back street garage looked strangely enticing and proved to be the source for this design.


You hear but just catch glimpses of the Squirrel Monkeys, the only time you see them is in the Indian villages where they keep them as pets.


The lodge hotel in the Amazon is several meters high on stilts due to the dramatic flooding of the river which gives a rear view of the rain forest canopy.


Geometric Styled Design, Inspired by the ceramic tiles of Morocco in deep rich colours on a luxury velvet.


Inspired by patchwork quilts a large design with a mix of different florals, stylised leaves, geometric pattens and an Ikat which are unevenly interlocked.


An Ikat style design based on Ikat designs from the Indus Valley was created using a painting knife, giving a free dramatic effect enriched by the velvet.


A stylised traditional brocade design where the paint is applied with painting knife


Pashmina was inspired by rugs and carpet designs from Persia and India, it is in a patchwork format painted to look worn and distressed, the rich colours bloom on the velvet


Large free styled floral, painted with large size brushes in acrylic, enhanced by the luxury velvet.


Inspired by and based on Indian interlocking scrolls and stylised flower designs used in various carpets rugs and dress fabrics, and enriched on our luxury velvet.


An Indian styled hunting scene, Inspired by two holidays to Sri Lanka Painted in rich colours and enhanced by the luxury velvet it is printed on.


This intricate interlocking styled design was influenced by Indian and Persian carpet designs from the Mughal era the colours are enhanced by being printed on luxury velvet.


An Indian styled hunting scene, inspired by holidaying in Sri Lanka, printed on a luxury velvet to enhance the design and colours.


This is a stylised design inspired by a traditional weave pattern, created in Acrylic paints using a painting knife and chisel brush, the colour is enhanced on the velvet fabric.


The Inspiration for the Lava design was a rock face in a Welsh cave entrance that had rust and slate patina embedded in it. The soft luxuriant velvet really enhances the colour and depth in the design.


This Design came about after a holiday in the Everglades and seeing the magnificent Scarlet Ibis in a zoo.


The Mayfair design was inspired by well worn and faded wallpapers and fabrics in Stately Homes.


Grosvenor was inspired by the old and worn wallpapers and fabrics in Stately Homes.


Mika resembles a cross section of a polished crystallised mineral Stone.